WR Restaurant

Who We Are

WR Hospitality: Restaurant Development and Management started as a great idea in 1994, when two prestigious Sioux Falls, South Dakota businesses partnered together for the purpose of owning, operating, leasing and managing first-class restaurants, convention centers, conference centers and resort lodges.
Today we serve dozens of facilities across the Midwest with nothing but growth on the horizon.

Our Team

We're a team of movers and shakers; people who love great food and enjoy a heavy dose of old fashioned hospitality.
Don Anderson, President
Don has been in the restaurant industry for the past 38 years with much of his experience and expertise in the kitchen operations.   After graduating from Luverne High School in 1978, Don began his career in the hospitality industry, joining Minervas in 1980.  Mr. Anderson has been a co-owner of Minerva's since 1984 and a part of WR Hospitality L.L.C. established in 1994.  Don has been involved in all aspects of WR Hospitality's growth and success. He served as Corporate Chef leading menu, purchasing and kitchen development, served as Director of Operations and served as Vice President. The company is located in Sioux Falls South Dakota, telephone desk number is 605-965-1471.

Terry Van De Walle, Director of Human Resource Development & Training
Terry knows hospitality. With nearly three decades of restaurant management experience, his belief in outstanding customer service is evident the minute you walk in our door.
Carmen Graves, POS Director
When your doors open, Carmen is one of the people leading the way for your success. As our POS and accounting specialist, Carmen keeps track, and, keeps the team on track with stats and more.
Russell Ogden, Regional Food & Beverage Director
Russell oversees the food and beverage operations of six seasonal lodges and two award- winning restaurants. His extensive training and hands-on philosophy are hallmarks of his service.

Joan Hyland,  Marketing Director & Menu Development
Joan has extensive Marketing experience as well as 28 years of Graphic Design experience. Her talents range from menu design to strong promotional and marketing concepts. Joan brings years of media buying and creativity to WR Hospitality, and continually on ways to grow each of our Restaurant's Concepts.

Megan Schuver,  Production Artist & Menu Development
Megan went to Dakota State and has a bachelor of science in digital arts & design. She works hard to accomplish goals and continues to grow as a great designer and a big part of the WR Team.
The longevity of our staff and strong client partnerships speak to the dedication and integrity of WR Hospitality: Restaurant & Resort Management. We have a long history of success, but continue to focus on an even more successful future. We'd love to see you in it.

Friday July 20, 2018