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All Day Cafe by Minervas

Around here, brunch isn't just a meal. It's a way of life. Relaxed and comfortable with a sunny-side-up attitude, brunch is the perfect way to start the day and an even better way to end it.
The All Day Café by Minervas in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and every meal has a brunch frame of mind. In fact, brunch is our favorite verb—as in “let's brunch.” That's because brunch combines the best of breakfast and lunch and we serve it fresh ALL DAY (now you know where we got our name).
The All Day Café only serves recipes from scratch using the best possible ingredients and incorporating a modern comfort food twist. Edgy, healthy, fresh, and fun, our food is an experience and our friendly hospitality knows no equal.
Visit the All Day Café by Minervas website here.
2101 West 41st. Street
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105


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Friday July 20, 2018